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Java & Web Developer - Spider Strategies

Job Description

Spider Strategies needs your help to expand our diverse team, boost our creativity and accelerate the delivery of new features to our customers. We are creators of QuickScore, the leading Balanced Scorecard software in the market. We're looking to leverage that position to expand into the broader business intelligence market and grow the company to the next level.

Our application uses Java to connect a database backend to a modern web frontend. Of course there are a lot more technologies than that involved, and we'll be excited to go over that during your interview! We're looking for someone who is comfortable both on the backend with Java and SQL, and on the frontend with JavaScript. We have some CSS experts in-house, so if that's not your thing we have you covered.


Our ideal team member will:

  • leverage their empathy for our customers to find solutions that meet their needs
  • collaborate with coworkers to find optimal answers to complex problems
  • take initiative to identify places where the software could be improved
  • honestly admit strengths and weaknesses so the team can leverage strengths and provide opportunities for learning
  • keep focused and productive while working independently

As part of our team, you will:

  • collaborate with designers to flesh out the final details of designs
  • code new features and fix bugs
  • participate in code reviews to share knowledge and improve software quality
  • hand off your work to front-end CSS experts to polish the final appearance of new features
  • assist testers in identifying areas that should be tested


We win awards every year because we treat our developers like gold.  You'll work hard here, but you'll also enjoy tons of vacation, fantastic benefits, and the luxury of setting your own hours while working from home. Our benefits include 100% paid medical, dental and vision insurance for you, and 80% coverage for family members. We also offer life insurance, long term disability insurance, a simple IRA with matching, all federal holidays off, and maternity and paternity leave. Our benefits are trans-inclusive.

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About Spider Strategies

We're a community of performance management enthusiasts, software developers, and support staff. We believe in hiring only the best people and then treating them incredibly well. Happy employees translates into better ideas, better productivity, and ultimately better products. It may not be the most common way to run a software company, but we think it's the best.
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