Junior Developer - Women in Web Dev
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Junior Developer - Sandhills Development

Job Description

Your primary responsibility will be to work as a member of our development team to build features and tackle bug reports for one or more of our products, including Easy Digital DownloadsAffiliateWPRestrict Content ProWP Simple PaySugar Calendar, and SellBird.

You will work along side our existing development, product, and support teams with a dedicated mentor. You can meet the team here.

Responsibilities summary:

  • Handling and resolving bug reports on GitHub.
  • Developing new features and enhancements for our products under the direction of the product team.
  • Testing Pull Requests on GitHub from team members and 3rd party developers.
  • Working in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and potentially other languages.
  • Communicating with the support teams on common challenges, bugs, and needed features to help manage customer expectations.


We’re looking for a full-time junior developer to work on our product platforms, including Easy Digital DownloadsAffiliateWPRestrict Content ProWP Simple PaySugar Calendar, and SellBird.

Our goal is to provide customers with feature-rich and stable foundations which allow them to propel their online businesses to high levels of success. We focus primarily on eCommerce, membership, and affiliate marketing platforms built on top of WordPress.


  • Intermediate skills in: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, HTML, CSS.
  • A code portfolio. Link us to your GitHub account, upload a .zip, or both.
  • Proficiency with Git and GitHub.
  • Ability to setup a local environment for testing PHP code.
  • Excellent communication skills with written English.
  • Ability to work remotely with all necessary tools (internet connection, computer, etc).


We aim to create a wonderful place to work that is designed around promoting personal and professional growth. We are committed to our team’s future, freedom, and time.

As a junior developer and an employee of Sandhills Development, you will be guaranteed the following benefits:

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About Sandhills Development

Sandhills Development is a fully distributed software company with employees in seven different countries. We focus on creating products for our customers that are joyful to use and lead to greater success for their businesses. We are committed to putting our people first and shaping a place of work where they can excel, grow, and thrive.
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