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Software Engineer, Infrastructure - Schrödinger

Job Description

  • Develop the automated life-cycle of building, testing, deployment, and monitoring needed to securely deliver web apps
  • Design and develop our infrastructure services (primarily written with Python/Django)
  • Assist in troubleshooting infrastructure-related issues in our development and production deployments


  • Dental, vision, disability and medical and life insurance
  • Mentor program
  • Unconscious bias training
  • Maternity and parental leave
  • Saving plan and paid vacation
  • Commute
  • Work from home and flexible work schedule

Hiring Process

  • Phone Screen-soft skills and technical skills assessed
  • Second Phone Screen- soft skills and technical skills assessed
  • In-Office Interview Day- several rounds of interviews and a lunch with potential co-workers
  • Reference checks- three to five references
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About Schrödinger

Schrödinger is on the cutting edge of computer-aided drug discovery and materials science. We hold the record for the largest and fastest cloud computing run, and our software suites continue to revolutionize the design of therapeutics and materials. WaterMap, LiveDesign, and Materials Science Suite are a few examples of the programs we’ve created.
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