Women-Only Coding Bootcamps 2019

“You can’t be what you can’t see”.

Chances are, you might not know other women who are learning to code or want to become a developer.

You need all the support that you can get when you make a career change, so check out the women-only or gender-diverse programs below for supportive environments with plenty of role models.


Ada Developers Academy

Location: Seattle, US
Cost: FREE

Ada Developers Academy offers a 6-month tuition-free program teaching full-stack web development. The program welcomes women and gender diverse people (More info here). After, you will complete a 5-month internship at a partner company for a stipend. The admissions process is highly selective, and only 8% of applicants get in.

*Applicants have to be eligible to work in the US without sponsorship.


Location: Barcelona, Spain
Cost: €7,800 (partial scholarships available)
* Get 10% off your tuition using our code: WWD-AM1

CodeOp is a 11-week all-women coding bootcamp in Barcelona. Learn JavaScript and Node.js. You’ll also get to build using the latest technologies, including HTML/CSS, React, Node.js, Redis, Elasticsearch, Git, Docker, and Amazon Web Services.

You can get 10% off your tuition cost by using our code WWD-AM1!


North America

Bridge School

Location: Toronto, Canada
Cost: FREE

Bridge is a free 11-week program that teaches advanced software development — think of it as a masterclass for becoming an in-demand developer. You will attend class two weeknights and commit to 10-15 hours of homework.

Bridge students come from all sorts of backgrounds, from junior developer to doing a job in tech that just doesn’t quite match up with what you really want to be doing.

University of Denver

Location: Denver, Colorado

Designed for working women who can’t quit their job for a full-time program. Learn in-demand full-stack coding skills specific to the Denver market. You will be in an empowering classroom environment, taught by talented women in the tech industry and surrounded by like-minded peers. You don’t need any programming experience and will complete the course in 6 months.


Location: New York City
Cost: $4000 (without childcare) or $4500 (with childcare)
MotherCoders is a tech training program that was designed by moms, for moms. Learn the skills you need to get started in your tech career. Students will attend class every Saturday for 9 weeks and expected to spend 6-8 hours on homework.


23 Code Street

Location: London, UK
Cost: £1500
23 Code Street offers a part-time Web Development Foundation for women in London. For every student in London, 23 Code Street empowers a woman in India with digital skills.null


TechLadies Bootcamp

Location: Singapore
Cost: 550 SGD

This is a 12-week program to teach women to become professional developers. You’re expected to dedicate 15-hours/week on the course. Part of the application process is to build a personal website with Ruby on Rails. Never fear, you can attend to pre-bootcamp workshops and clinics to help you with the process.

Is there a women-only coding bootcamp that’s missing? Contact us today, so we can add it to the list!

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