My Weekly Routine for Working Remotely and Running My Own Business

How do I juggle my contract work and growing Women in Web Dev as a business while working from home? Women in Web Dev is not just a Facebook group anymore – it’s a blog, job board and paid membership – there are lots of moving pieces!

The answer is lots of planning.

Here’s what I do on a weekly and daily basis to set myself up for success.

Weekly Tasks

  • Sunday night – Plan out my Week
  • Mentorship Hours – 2x a week for the Learning Circle
  • 2x Coaching Sessions (30 min each)
  • 2 hours blog post writing
  • Friday afternoon – reflection on the week – what worked well, what didn’t, what projects I need to pick up on Monday

How I Plan Out My Week

On Sundays, I plan out my week. I follow a process called Monday Hour One. You can learn more about it in this podcast.

In a nutshell, I write down everything I want to do in the next week, decide what is realistic to handle and put it in my calendar. Everyday, I have at least one block of “Focus Time” for 2 hours, where I do deep work.

I have recurring appointments and tasks that are already in my schedule, like lunch or Mentorship Hours for the Learning Circle.

After, I review my calendar to make sure that I’ve given myself enough buffer time. For example, if I have a workshop, I make sure I have at least 30 min before and after. Before the workshop, I need to prepare – get all documents ready, set up my computer and put a little bit of makeup on. After the workshop, I like to have a little break as a reward.

My Day-to-Day


For me, morning routines is about taking care of myself first, so my mind and body are ready for work.

8 am: Wake up

8:15 am – 8:45 am: Exercise for 20 – 30 min
My fav places for exercise videos – AloMoves (paid).
Youtube Channels: SarahBethYoga, Boho Beautiful and MadFit.

8:45 am – 9:30 am: Shower and eat breakfast

9:30 am – 9:45 am: Journal for 10 minutes.

9:45am – 10 am: Daily check-in first thing in the morning
Contrary to conventional wisdom to start with project work first, I like to do some tidying up before I start my day – emails, Facebook group, Learning Circle Slack. If I don’t, my brain is distracted.

Work Day

10 am – 12 pm: Work on contract work

12 pm – 1 pm: Lunch

1 pm – 1:30 pm: Women in Web Dev Admin – Facebook group moderation, respond to emails, etc.

1:30 pm – 5 pm: Work on contract work or Women in Web Dev projects (e.g. blog posts, social media, new content for the Learning Circle)


Most nights, I am not working. Instead, I play games, catch up with friends, read or put together a puzzle.

Sometimes I do work 1 or 2 nights a week – simply because I’m building a business, and there is lots of content and set up that I need to do.

For example, when I’m writing this blog post, I’m in the process of hiring a Social Media and Community Coordinator, so I need to review applications and update training materials – all of this don’t fit during the week.


I generally work about half a day on the weekends. Sometimes more if there are upcoming deadlines.

As I mentioned above, I’m building a business while working 20 hours as a contractor right now. I have to make a little sacrifice for my long-term goal of having a self-sustaining business.

To be honest, I don’t often take time off for stat holidays – while on one hand I would like to take those days off, I don’t feel overworked. I enjoy what I’m doing and only work about 7 hours a day with no commute, so this works for me!


I hope this was helpful to you to get a sense of how I structure my day and stay productive while working from home.

My schedule is always being refined as my business changes, and I find more effective ways of doing things – so it might look different in a few months! What will stay constant are my morning routines, lunches and evenings.

It took me about 2 years to experiment and find the formula that works for me. If you’re new to working from home, play around with your schedule and see what works for you!

Hi, I'm Jenny. I'm a developer with 3 years of experience. Welcome to the most supportive community for female developers!

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