Virtual Coffee Chat with Clara Tsang, Frontend Engineer

In this Coffee Chat, we meet with Clara Tsang, a graduated engineering partner at and a Frontend Software Engineer at Procurify. Learn how Clara was able to land a job in software engineering without having a degree in computer science and how you can do the same .

Clara shared with us how she leveraged the power of her network and referrals to get her start in web development and her current role as a React developer.

She was matched to her current company, Procurify, through – a remote-first community that puts the career of engineers first. is looking to hire 20+ senior developers in Canada and US is taking the risk out of working for startups. 

When you are hired, you are on the payroll of Commit. Commit will match you with a startup that aligns with your interest for a 3-month trial.

If you decide you like the startup, you can transition to a full-time role. If not, you can try another startup.

There are also no frustrating white-boarding interviews to go through, as Commit only works with companies who are willing to forego this ineffective interviewing practice.

If you have 3-5 years of experience, and you’re interested, sign up to get the conversation going.

Portrait of Clara Tsang

Hi, I'm Jenny. I'm a developer with 3 years of experience. Welcome to the most supportive community for female developers!

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