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Why I’m Learning Blockchain Development

May 21st, 2018

I’m starting a part-time Blockchain Development course in a few days at Lighthouse Labs. If you don’t know what blockchain development is, Lifehacker has a beginner-friendly intro. I have to confess that I feel like I don’t know much about this space: I don’t invest in bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. I’ve never built a blockchain app. … Read More

Interview with Lori Tillery, Senior Developer

Jan 4th, 2018

Lori has a rich work experience in tech, from maintaining hardware in the navy to developing software for Cisco and now for her own company as a digital nomad. I met Lori during Hacker Paradise in Chiang Mai. Hacker Paradise is a work-travel group that brings together creative people to a different destination every 4-6 … Read More

Hi, I'm Jenny. I'm a developer with 3 years of experience. Welcome to the most supportive community for female developers!

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