Going Remote as a Junior Developer

How can you go remote as a junior developer? Why does it seem like every job opportunity requires you to be in the office? Watch my Facebook Live to find out! I explain why it’s difficult to go remote as a junior developer and give you some ideas of how to make it happen!

What is a Remote Job?

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about working remotely, but what exactly does that mean? How do you find a remote job, and why would you want to? What does it look like to work remotely? I walk you through all the steps in this Facebook Live!

Data Analyst Turned Developer. Meet Alex Vuong.

Today we meet Alex Vuong, who studied finance. She became a data analyst and then decided to learn code on her own. Through months of hard work on VanHack, she landed a job in Vancouver, Canada and moved from Vietnam!

What Language Should I Learn First?

If you’re just starting your journey in the world of code, you may be wondering which language you should learn first. JavaScript? Python? Whatever it may be, check out this Facebook Live I did to answer your question!

Mom to Developer. Meet Gaia Gonen.

Meet Gaia Gonen. She became a developer after becoming a mom and swapped spots with her husband! He stays home with their adorable son while she works as a developer.

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