Are You Really Bad at Coding or Did You Just Have a Typo?

…or are you just missing a piece of the puzzle?

Here’s the scene, you are creating a new feature that you learned from a tutorial. Everything worked when you followed the tutorial, but when you try it on your own, it doesn’t work.

You spend hours, but you still can’t find the issue. You feel completely deflated.

You begin to think that you are not cut out coding; you haven’t learned anything at all, and you might as well give up.

I see this every week with the Learning Circle members!

And guess what? Most of the time, there’s only 1 piece of that is missing!

For example, a member was creating an input to add an item to a list. All the code was working, except she forgot that she needed to identify the element to attach the item to. As soon as she added that line of code, it worked.

Because code needs to be 100% to work, it’s hard to tell when you don’t know what you’re doing or if you’re just missing something small!

Coding is like baking a cake – if you misread one step and forget the sugar, your cake will flop, but does it really mean that you can’t bake at all?

Of course not!

If you try again and remember the sugar, you will have an amazing cake.

So when you’re coding and you can’t make something work, it doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to code at all. It’s time to change how you view your mistakes.

Here are some common scenarios that don’t mean you are not good at coding:

  • You had a typo in your variable or function.
  • You added 1-2 lines of code and everything works.
  • Your file wasn’t linked correctly.
  • You understand most of what your code is doing.
  • There was some weird browser caching issue, so your CSS or JS file wasn’t updated properly.

If you would like to have a mentor to look over your code and walk you through what you are missing, join the waiting list for the Learning Circle.

Save yourself hours of frustration and let an experienced developer give you an honest assessment of your work.

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