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A New Way to Get Support on Your Journey as a Female Developer


Enrolment closed on May 25 @ midnight PT.
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After running the Facebook group for two years, your key challenges on being a female developer are clear:

  • It’s lonely and confusing to learn how to code on your own
  • You never feel good enough to apply for a job. It seems like everyone else knows more than you.
  • It’s overwhelming to keep up with new technologies. What are you supposed to focus on?
  • You don’t know how to apply for jobs.

To that end, I’m excited to announce a new way to help you with these challenges on an ongoing basis, month after month.



It is a new, private paid community where you will can get help with your coding problems 24/7 and connect with other female developers.

We will also tackle a monthly topic together, such as negotiation, resumes, and imposter syndrome that will take your career to the next level!

This is the first membership of its kind to focus on female developers AND to tackle the non-technical side of things! Most memberships out there are focused on giving you the technical know-how.


  • A Slack team where you can get help with your code 24/7
  • Office hours for you to ask your coding questions
  • Coding challenges like the 21-Day Coding Challenge
  • Workshops on imposter syndrome, resume, technical interviews, getting a remote job, negotiating, etc.
  • Virtual coworking and meetups to connect with other female developers

I’ll be building the membership around YOU, so you will help shape the activities and the topics we discuss as a member!


Enrolment closed on May 25 @ midnight PT.
Join the Waitlist to know when it reopens!

Enrolment closes on May 24 @ 23:59:59 PT!

The membership will be closed for the next 3 months minimum, and the price will be higher than $17, so get in while it’s open!

We will start officially on June 17th – this is so I can get your input and build the initial membership around your needs! I’m also taking a top quality course on memberships to make sure you get the BEST experience!


Who should join?

– If you feel lonely as a female developer and don’t really know anyone IRL
– If you’re learning to code and want the support of a close knit community. You don’t know why the code works the way it does – you can get detailed explanation relevant to your situation from the group!
– If you want to dive into the non-technical topics (e.g. negotiation, overcoming imposter syndrome, job searching) of having a successful career as a female developer

There are a lot of free coding communities out there. Why should I join this one?

Yes, there are a lot of free communities, and none of them focuses on female developers. (Isn’t that crazy?)

We’ll be working on having thriving careers as female developers and addressing issues specific to us, such as overcoming imposter syndrome and techniques to deal with sexism in the workplace.

I’m just starting out, am I ready for this?

One of the hardest things about starting as a female developer is the lack of role models! When you join, you will meet other female developers and get advice from women who have faced the same challenges.

You can also get help any time in Slack with weekly office hours and get detailed answers on why your code works the way it does.

I’m an experienced developer, what will I get out of this?

The most common questions asked in the Facebook group has nothing to do with coding, but everything around being a developer – how to handle sexism, overcoming imposter syndrome, how to find a job.

You will get workshops on how to overcome these challenges and have a thriving career.

How much does it cost?

Until May 22 12PM PT, the price is $11.90 / month or $119 / year for the first 50 people.
After that, it is $17 / month or $170 / year. Even at the most expensive option, it will be $0.54 / day to access office hours, a monthly topic / workshop and a private Slack community to connect with other female developers.

When the membership reopens in a few months, the price will be more than $17.

Can I pay annually?

Yes. If you pay annually, you will get 2 months free!

Why is the enrolment closing in a few days?

This is so I can focus on getting to know the founding members and build an effective program. I’ll be building the activities and topics based on member demand, so join today to have your say!

Will the Facebook group go away?

No, the Facebook group will always be there!

Why a Membership?

A membership will allow me to help you make consistent progress month after month to thrive in your career as a developer.
The most common challenges are X, Y Z, which there are no magic bullets or courses to solve.

How is membership different than the existing Facebook group?

You will receive a lot more support and deeper connections than the Facebook group. There will be a Slack channel where you can connect with other members 24/7. There will also monthly topics, workshops, group challenges, and office hours that are not available to the Facebook group.

Why can’t you just get corporate sponsorship?

Corporate sponsorship is subject to the economy and whims of company. When the economy is down, sponsorships are the first to go. Monthly recurring revenue is the best way to keep growing and serving the community.

Why can’t this be free?

1. It limits the impact of the group to what my free time allows it to be. You can be a part of this movement to support female developers and increase the impact exponentially. Imagine helping 200,000 female developers instead of 2,000!
2. Free things don’t survive in the long run. You see this happening with lots of free communities and blogs. When life comes knocking on the door of the creators, they die.

What is available for free?

1) The Facebook group with over 2000 members.
2) The bi-weekly newsletter with job and scholarship opportunities
3) The blog

Why should I join now? There’s nothing in place yet.

1. It’s the most exciting time to join! You’ll get to have a say in the topics and activities that we have in the membership. I’ll be interacting closely with the founding members to make sure you’re getting what you want from the membership.
2. Lock down the discounted rate, which will never increase for as long as you are a member. It is a huge discount from what it will be in the future.

When is enrolment closed?

Enrolment is open until Friday, May 24 @ 23:59:59 PST! When it opens again in a few months, the price will increase!

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your membership in your membership dashboard.

Can I get a refund?

You can get a refund within the first 30 days of the membership. As the membership doesn’t officially start until June 17, you have until July 17th for a refund.

If you have additional questions, please email me at membership@womeninwebdev.com!


Hi, I'm Jenny. I'm a developer with 3 years of experience. Welcome to the most supportive community for female developers!

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