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Join the Lighthouse Labs 21-Day JavaScript Coding Challenge!

Oct 9th, 2019

Lighthouse Labs is running the 21-Day Coding Challenge again in November! In May, 110 of us completed all 21 challenges, and many of us didn’t know any JavaScript when we started! If you want to learn some JavaScript in a fun, supportive environment, sign up below. What is it? It is a 21-Day Challenge for … Read More

How I Became a Developer

Sep 18th, 2019

Sometimes hearing someone else’s story is the kick in the pants we need to go get the life we’ve always wanted. Maybe you’re an aspiring developer who’s looking for inspiration. Or maybe you’re an established developer who needs to get that fire going again. Either way, check out this Facebook Live to hear how I … Read More

A Day in the Life of a Web Developer

Sep 4th, 2019

If you’re just getting into the web development game, you may wonder what you’ll actually be doing all day. Check out this Facebook Live I did to find out what my day looks like as a web developer.

Wife. Mom. Learner. Meet Aditi Gupta.

Aug 28th, 2019

Welcome to our interview series, where we introduce you to developers of all levels from all walks of life. Prepare to be inspired! Today we meet Aditi Gupta, a wife and mom who’s keeping her love for coding alive, despite not having work permit in the US. She shares with us how she keeps her … Read More

Opportunities for Female Devs – Aug 23, 2019

Aug 23rd, 2019

Our first Women in Web Dev webinar on Levelling Up as a Developer was a success! Kim shared with us how she went from being unappreciated and burnt out early in her career to finding a company who values her.

There are lots of new conference scholarships and internships in this issue.

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