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Women-Only Coding Bootcamps 2020

“You can’t be what you can’t see”. Chances are, you might not know other women who are learning to code or want to become a developer. You need all the support that you can get when you make a career change, so check out the women-only or gender-diverse programs below for supportive environments with plenty…

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13 Online Tech Communities Supporting Women of Colour

The year of 2020 is a year of change. This month was a month to amplify the Black Lives Matter movement through educating ourselves, donating to organizations supporting the movement, signing petitions, and sharing resources.  This isn’t the end. There has always been a lack of diversity in the tech space, leaving women of colour…

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A Guide to Creating Your Portfolio

One of the most frequently asked questions in the Facebook group is about making a portfolio – what to put in it and how to make one. Here’s a guide to help you to figure this out! You’ll learn the following: the purpose of your portfoliowhat types of projects to includehow to present them in…

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5 Biggest Myths about Learning to Code

There are sooo many myths and misconceptions about learning to code and being a developer! Here are the 5 myths that I’ll address. You have to have a computer science degree or certification.You can learn how to code in 3-6 months.You’ll feel ready one day to apply for a job.You are too old to learn…

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5 Ways to Get out of Tutorial Hell

Tutorial hell…the dreaded space where you watch tutorials endlessly, and you feel like you’re learning so much! The only problem? You can’t seem to build anything on your own. You get out your code editor, and you don’t know the first thing to write! Why is this happening? First of all, when you watch tutorials,…

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